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Products & Services

Specialists in:

- Commercial Kitchens and Bars
- Extraction Canopies
- Custom Hot Cupboards, Bain Maries

  and Refrigeration displays
- Mobile Bar and Coffee Stations
- Commercial Laboratories
- Handrails and Wall protection
- Full installation and Site measure


Stainless Kitchens has a long standing reputation for delivering exceptional fabrication results in commercial kitchens and bars. Whether it be front of house amenities that need upgrading or back of house facilities that need creating, Stainless Kitchens will produce customised pieces that will stand the test of time.

Extraction canopies are extremely important in mercantile kitchens, helping to provide and maintain a safe and comfortable working environment. Work alongside our friendly staff to determine the best Extraction Canopy or Hood for your specific ventilation requirements. Air and Odour Management services are available along with AOM hoods, UV, ozone and electrostatic filtration.

Residential Kitchens

Stainless Steel has proven to be durable, heat resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Combine these qualities with innovative decorative stainless steel finishes and the results are practical, sleek, contemporary kitchens that are made to suit any home environment.

Customised bar and coffee stations are ideal for commercial use indoor and outdoor. As functioning decorative pieces, they will enable you to extend your existing bar area to help cater for larger crowds, or for solitary use to service smaller gatherings.

Laboratory and medical facilities are required to comply with stringent safety standards surrounding high risk pathogens, substance handling and disposal. Ensure products are managed in a clean hygienic environment with benching, scrub sinks, safe disposal sluice sinks and other high quality medical and laboratory components from Stainless Kitchens.

Serve fresh food at optimal temperatures easily with our range of custom Bain Maries. Select from Heated Bain Maries coupled with under-bench hot cupboards or Cooling Bain Maries paired with under-bench refrigeration or under-shelving for both front of house or back of house use.

If you are looking to upgrade, renovate or newly build, sleek and stylish stainless steel is a hygienic and practical solution to your hand railing and wall protection needs. Create architecturally aesthetic handrails, wall lining and capping by selecting from a range of options available.

Our expert, friendly staff will work alongside you from the initial site measuring through to the final installation, all the while demonstrating clear communicative strategies to ensure you are kept informed each step of the way.

Stainless Kitchens Pacific
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